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About Fidelity Paper

Established in 1957, Fidelity Paper was founded by Mr. Pierre Guariglia, the present Chairman Mr. Guariglia had a vision of a company with a focus. His vision was to establish a business partnership with his customers by providing commitment, quality, service and value. These essential ingredients enabled Fidelity Paper to grow and flourish now for more than 60 years.

As Fidelity Paper grew from a local to a national distribution company, we have expanded to include locations in Maine, Boston, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, South Carolina and Miami, in addition to servicing  numerous Fortune 500 Companies from coast to coast.

As an ISO 9001 Certified Company, we look to the future as one of the premiere leaders in the packaging industry. With a dedication to customer service, innovative products, packaging and most importantly bringing awareness of the “importance of recycling” we at Fidelity Paper Supply will continue to grow and add value to both customers large and small.

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